.::Pictures Drawning::.


I will start out showing you a few exampels, so you can see what 
I can do with a picture...

Uke 6.jpg (132012 byte)

uke6 fixtmedsign.jpg (55587 byte)

From this picture, taken in England, last summer...
I made the one at the rigth side.

Uke 5.jpg (131017 byte)

Uken-5-ferdigt.jpg (67027 byte)

From this picture taken in my garden summer 2002...
I made this picture...

From this picture, I made a lamp foot,
pretty nice ? don't you think ???

This is just to show you what inspiration I can get from a picture, and make some art from it...


This is Clark the bulldog, he belonges to This is Gina Ward's  two cat's from USA...
Martha Hess in USA...



Welcome to my spot in cyber-space.


I'm Nanna-Charlotte  Autodidact Web and Graphic designer.

My goal is to make individual, and personal things, for people.

.::Only one of eatch::.

I love to work with different art.

autodidact web & graphic designer belonge to me